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A long time ago, in a Japan far, far away...
The sword which conceived the power of God of thunder existed.
The name is Raikoomaru.
It is a meaning called the child of thunder.
When the samurai owned Raikomaru, he was crazy in fighting, and when the artist owned it, works which moves people's heart were produced.
Now, Raikomaru is going to revitalize from sleep very long as musical incarnation.


1st: Yamato Collection 2nd: Gambling Yashiki in seasons
1)Raikomaru Z (R.Shinoki + H.Sato) 1)Reimei (R.Shinoki.)
2)Awamori (H.Sato + R.Shinoki) 2)Dice Train (H.Sato)
3)Hotaru (R.Shinoki + H.Sato) 3)Gake (R.Shinoki)
4)Tiger Forest (R.Shinoki + H.Sato) 4)Lords (R.Shinoki)
5)April in Fuji (H.Sato) @
6)Homunculs (R.Shinoki + H.Sato) @
7)Enbu (R.Shinoki) @
8)Kaidou (R.Shinoki) @

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Member Profiles

Ryuichiro Shinoki : Composer, Sword Player.

At the time of childhood, he has fallen over, while playing in woods. The fragment of Raikomaru buried there is stuck in his breast, and musical power was acquired.

Hiroyuki Sato : Composer, Sword Player, Dancer. BLOG!
>Solo works

He was playing in the prairie where snow falls at the time of childhood. He swallowed the fragment of Raikomaru which was mixed with snow and alighted from heavens, while vacating a mouth and seeing the sky, and he acquired musical power.

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